Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Monster High 'Design Lab' Head

I painted this head on a commission.  I've never picked it up from the stores because of the lack of features, but it was interesting to paint :)  The customer had the head on a skeleton body and asked for dark and skeleton like!


White highlights, especially important with suck a smooth head.

Some subtle yellow blush on the cheeks and above the eyes.

Black around the eyes, since it's going to be black sclera (to look like a skull with eye holes instead of eyes).

I used some pastels to give the black a sharper edge, making it look more like blank sockets.

This head has no lips so they have to be painted on, a little difficult to make them look not flat?  I did it with pastels and added some paint detail after.

I started just painting white outlines where I wanted shading (the pupil and iris on the left) and slowly worked on blending it into the black.  In some ways doing white on black is easier, and in others much harder!

Finished both eyes up to match.

Added eyelashes, just some light black ones, but no eyebrows this time.  I also painted a black line between the lips to help give it a little depth, but there's only so much that can be done on a flat face.

I almost forgot to do the little shinies in the eyes, but she's all done now!  And the finished doll looks like...