Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Repainting Howleen and Catrine Part 1

Since my camera was out of battery today I used my tablet to take photos.  But I can't figure out why those horrible white lines keep showing up!  Next time I'll make sure to use my camera!

Here they are all blank and ready to be painted!   I taped off their hair to make sure nothing gets in it.

I did white on Howleen to make some highlights, since Catrine is already white she doesn't need that!

I used a bubblegum pink color to make her look very 'made up', her pink hair is so bright I wanted to come up with something bright and bubbly to go with it.

Here's the first layer of the whites of her eyes, it needs to dry a little before I can do another layer.

While Howleen's eyes are drying I used a purple to do some shading on Catrine.  Since she's already white, I do a little more shading than I normally would.  With the darker dolls I can use white and dark colors to contour, but since she's already white I can only use darker colors.

I used a more blue purple in a few spots, so she won't look too monochrome.

One layer of white eyes on Catrine, and two layers on Howeleen.

I did pink eyeliner at first on Howleen.

But It wasn't giving me enough contrast, so I added black eyeliner on the top of the eye, and used it to blend down into the eye too.

More work on the eyes!  I'll post again in the next few days once I'm able to finish them!

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